Monday, November 29, 2010

Perfection and the Fall

We hung two more ornaments on our Jesse Tree. Bear and I are going to Deeper Still 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend and I know the kids won't do their devotions with GB & Pop so I'm jumping ahead a bit. The first one was from Genesis 1:26-31 and spoke of Creation. We learned that God made the world and everything in it...which caused Jonah to break out into song from pre-school music on Sunday mornings. We also learned that God's creation was perfect. He put man in charge of all the plants and animals. We talked about how God puts us in charge of things now, like our baby sister, and the many ways we can be trusted with that responsibility. Then we prayed thanking God for making the wonderful world.

Then, we did our second devotion. Here's what the ornament looked like.

Hmmm- note to self: don't try to cram two devotions in one day. The coloring quality will reflect the stress. We read Genesis 3:1-19 and how sin entered God's perfect world. We learned how God still loved Adam and Eve but had to punish them for their disobedience, much like how Mommy & Daddy has to punish Jonah for his disobedience at times. The concept really went over well. And then I lost him. His attention span had definitely gone out the window. We wrapped it up by talking about what makes God unhappy and asking for His help in keeping us from doing those things but I'm pretty sure he checked out before that happened.

Ironic how it would happen during the devotion when Adam & Eve lost their attention span for God. Oh, that I won't lose my attention span for what's important during this Christmas season! Thank You, Lord for your Presence here on this earth and your willingness to go through everything that we struggle with daily. Help me to remember that Your Plan for me is perfect and Your Ways are right.

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