Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taggie Update

So, we never found Taggie. That weekend was a long one. I have two "substitutes" that I thought I could use.

Both are made of the same polka-dot fabric but are just not quite right. She rubbed them on her face like Taggie but once she reached for those ribbon edges only to find out they weren't there, the jig was up. Long story short- I found out who made our original Taggie and ordered another one. In the meantime, she offered a substitute Taggie that was solid brown. Needless to say, my child was not amused. I don't think she could find it at night in the dark because she was looking for spots. Well, that's just my guess anyways.

We've gotten our Taggie the II and all's right with the world once more...except we're cutting our eye teeth. Bless her heart- a sister just can't get a break around here!

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