Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Earlier today, I had the joy of fellowship with the leaders at BSF. One of the leaders shared a silly story of what her granddaughter said at church and I just had to share!

The leader had been asked to preach Sunday at her church so her daughter and two grands came to hear. During worship, the congregation sang "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow". The leader turned towards the cross and raised up one hand as she sang. (She said that she wishes to raise two but is afraid she'd scare everyone half to death! Apparently, her church is very conservative!) Her granddaughter observed this and turned to ask her mother,
     "Why is she raising her hand like that?" Her mother replied,
     "She's praising God." To which the grand responded,
     "No. I think she just has a question."

Well- Who better to ask?

Later in the service, her youngest grand went to Children's Church instead of staying in "Big Church". One of the teachers asked her if she wanted to stay to hear her grandmother preach.
     "No, we're going over to her house later today," was her answer.
     "Oh. You'll hear her preach then?" asked the teacher.
     "Always do!"

Now, that's the kind of "Nonny" I want to be! What about you? Don't you want the children in your life to know that they will always hear the Word of God from you, whether they're looking or not?! I love it!

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