Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween: A Double Feature

Here are our Halloween pictures from 2009. I never shared these with anyone so I figured better late than never, right? That and I didn't have a camera handy and just got these from my neighbor. Thanks Kelli!

I was all about the sibling theme last year.

Is he not the cutest? He's still such a proud big brother. I miss these still days of Esther Grace. She's a whole lot of fun now though!

Jonah & Carter- the best of buds!

 Can someone please tell me how come I look the exact same as I did 3 weeks after having a baby?! It's been a year! It may have something to do with a thing called cardio...or lack thereof.

And here's a look at 2010. I warn you- there less poised than last year. It was a hands-full kinda night! We didn't run into Carter & Riley Kate either this year. They went on ahead of us while we finished watching Georgia/Florida. We still missed the end of the game though. Bear kept asking the score from door to door!

Jameer (Wolverine) and Jonah (Buzz Lightyear)

Boston, Jameer's younger brother, chillin' in the wagon.

Our very own Butterfly? Fairy? Flowergirl with wings? Who knows! I used the dress she wore at Katie's wedding & added wings. That was our sibling theme this year. Wings. Horrible, I know. I thought about dressing her up as Jessie but she doesn't have Sarah's (our cousin) adorable red locks and a red yarn wig would've been ridiculous.

This was before she knew candy was involved. She was content just sitting and picking at the bushes. Then, Daddy rolled up on the Kabota and she realized this was serious business tonight.

Do you see how discombobulated we are? That's because once she figured out people were giving away free sugar, it was a mad dash to the door! Who cares about being cute when candy is at stake?! We were crumpled all night, but still cute.

Wearing down after 3 suckers, a pack of Smarties, and one Crunch bar + the wrapper.

I tried to make Halloween this year not all about candy and picked up 2 Unicef boxes at Toys 'R Us. You collect change while trick-or-treating and then mail a check or your Coinstar receipt to their headquarters and the money helps needy children. This year is their 60th anniversary. $0.07 provides 50 kids with safe drinking water for a day. $2.00 buys 1 liter of therapeutic milk for sick infants. $19.00 buys 3 mosquito nets to protect kids from malaria. There's a whole list on the back of the box of what different amounts can provide.

Please tell me some of y'all did this as a kid! Bear had never even heard of it and thought it was a complete scam. He wouldn't let the kids take their boxes around to the neighbors and ask for money. He thought it was crazy to send our kids out like beggars at Turner Field. You know how you're always bombarded after a Braves game? He said we could just write a check or something. Oh well. We raided GB & Pop's change jar in their closet instead and filled up our boxes. Maybe next year. :)

That was our night. Now I'm crawling into bed and crashing from my sugar high so I can get up in the morning and make chocolate monkey bread for the Sunday School class. I can tell this is going to be a very nutritious week at the Keeling's!

[P.S.- Taggie has not been found.]

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