Friday, October 29, 2010


No, this is not a commentary on the television show.


You may be asking yourself, "What in the world?" Allow me explain.

Taggie is a little 1' x 1' square of fuzzy polka-dots that Baby Girl adores. It was a gift from Lisa Johnson, one of my GB's friends. The opposite side of it is silky pink and there are tons of different ribbons all around the edges....just perfect for rubbing when you're sleepy.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of our precious Taggie. :( And it had to be on our set of back-up sheets that doesn't match a thing in our room.

The boys went to Tyler's football game in Commerce tonight so it was just us girls. We went to Wal-Mart to stock up on some reinforcements for the evening. You know- candy corn pumpkins, a Richard Crowe film, just the bare essentials. Esther Grace wasn't feeling so hot (hence the reason we stayed behind) so I let her carry Taggie into the store. She was happy as a dove riding around in that buggy. You'd have thought it was a convertible the way she was acting. I didn't notice until after we checked out that Taggie was missing. I spent the next hour retracing my steps all around the store, the checkout lanes, and the parking lot. No Taggie.

I was in tears and beside myself when the sweet little greeter lady at the door told me that she was on duty until 10 tonight and she'd look for me. She actually stored my number in her cell phone as "Baby Blanket" and told me she'd call. Well, it's now 10:20 and not a single peep from my phone. I've called the store myself about 5 times since 7:00 but no luck. She sleeps with it every night and at every nap. It travels in the car with us, goes to the library, to Bible Study, and comforts her in nursery. I don't know what I'm going to do. I've already called my Dad about 10 times asking if Lisa, who's at the game, can tell me where she got it so I can order another one. He did not find that amusing one bit. Apparently my Taggie saga doesn't hold a candle to Tyler's high school football career. Hmph. I always knew he was the favorite. It's just because he's the baby. And only boy.

I feel so guilty. I mean, I was such a better mother than this to Jonah when it came to Lovie. Partly because I pictured myself huddled in a corner of his room loving that little lamb the night he moves away to college, but still. I was a good mother. I've just slacked off with Baby #2. I mean if I'm this laissez-faire with a Taggie, then what will I be like with her boyfriends? (I knew French would pay off. Spell check didn't even flag that. I googled it just to check myself. Madame Carlson would be proud.) But seriously. I prayed over Jonah every night when he was younger. I labored in my journals over his future and daily hourly approached the Throne on his behalf. With Sister, I'm just grateful when she closes those eyes and I can change into some jammies. What am I doing?! I have got to be more purposeful with her. And if the Lord uses a square foot of fabric to teach me that, I'm grateful. It could've been worse. The lesson could've come in a 6' foot tattooed package with piercings named Flash. Oh thank You, Lord.

Anyways- I seriously doubt anyone reads this blog that lives in Monroe. I think the only people that do read it are family and that's just because they feel obligated to since I refer to it at every holiday function as of late. BUT- if anyone finds our sweet Taggie at the Wal-Mart in Monroe, I'd offer you a large reward. Okay, maybe just some homemade pumpkin bread or something. I'm sure a little one-year-old would be very appreciative.

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