Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was Arktoberfest at Jonah's preschool. It was his first theme day at school and my first parent volunteer experience. The children came dressed as different animals that would have been found on Noah's ark. (Except the preacher's son came dressed as a Ninja Turtle.....I guess turtles were on the ark but I'm not sure the Bible's clear on their martial arts skills.)

We took this picture when we came home.
Just excuse the Chick-fil-a on the front of
our shirt.

This is my favorite view. :)
His nose made a roaring sound when
you pushed it.

We pulled up to what looked like a zoo. Granted, most preschools do tend to lean that way but this one is very well managed. :) It was a bit out of the ordinary.

All of my pictures are pre-kids because I can't be in the same room as my child or he breaks out into convulsions, cries uncontrollably, and suctions himself to my leg so as not to allow anyone to tear him away from me. He's not right. We'll probably be in therapy until he's 30. That or he'll just move in down the street and raise his family right underneath me like his own mother did. Who knows- the jury's still out.

He did promise me last night that he wouldn't cry if I wasn't in his room. I guess he was lion. Ha! Get it? Lying? Lion? Now you know where he gets his not-right-ness. Moving on.....

The day followed Noah on his journey beginning with the first part of the story told by Noah himself... & Mrs. Noah- the Bible's not clear on her exact name either. Poor thing. I can relate. I'm known as Mrs. Bear to most of the youth at church.

Does he look like a member of ZZ Top
to anyone else? He was also sporting
a stacked wedge if you looked from
the back.

After Noah began his story, he paused to let the kids help him build the ark. It doesn't look like much but it's a huge homemade floor puzzle that the kids put together to make the ark.

Next up? Snack, of course! You can't expect all those hungry animals to go 40 days and 40 nights without food, can you? The kids gathered food for the animals...which worked well for them since they were the ones in fur.

Then came the games. What else did you think the animals did for all that time crammed up inside a boat? Just ride? No. There was definitely entertainment.

Animal Bowling

Feed the Monkeys Bean Bag Throw

Flamingo Ring Toss
(You can't see the rings but you had to toss them
over their necks.)

Animal Golf

Oh, sorry. Random picture of skydiver in
the children's wing. If only our church had
 this type of budget! This is Esther Grace's
favorite part of BSF. That and the goldfish.

Musical Chairs Noah's Ark Style

The Musical Chairs room was my station. I don't know how it happens but I'm always assigned anything to do with music anytime I volunteer anywhere. I've decided that the workers at Jonah's school have seen my car had to dodge falling objects out of my car so many times through the pick-up line that they figure I'm left-brained and artsy. With organizational skills like that, they probably think I'm destined for Broadway!

Safe in the ark!

After games, the kids listened to Noah tell the conclusion of his story and how God promised to never flood the earth again with a rainbow in the sky. All of a sudden, I hear a familiar voice start saying,
     "Woah, double rainbow! So intense!"
I about died! In case you are unfamiliar, we have a running joke among our close friends involving this video:

Everytime one of the ladies makes a great dessert or we're just in a goofy mood, we start quoting this guy-who is obviously enjoying some sort, supplementation. I'm talking complete with fake sobs, hollers, moans, full out foolishness in front of any and everyone. Football games, church, public restaurants, you name it. We're getting a head start on embarassing our kids when they're teenagers. I don't even know how we were ever introduced to this but apparently someone's picked up on it. Oh, be careful little ears what you hear, I guess.

After all that, the kids ended the day with trick-or-treating in the church's front office. They completely racked up on the candy and even got a Noah's Ark coloring book, crayons, and an animal pocket-notepad.

All in all, the day was great! I actually think that I had more fun than Jonah. It made me miss teaching soooo much! (Shhhh. Don't tell Bear. He'll make me go back.) I was even in the mood to make Monster Mash when we got home as a tribute to my days in kindergarten. After that, I put the kids down and once the house became silent, I remembered what staying home was all about......NAPS!

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