Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Friday, Bear had a small *ahem* procedure done which laid him out for the rest of the weekend. (Let's just say no more pregnancies for me!) I had to think of a way to get the kids out of the house because if they're within 15 feet of Daddy, they're wanting to climb, jump, flip, spin, you name it.

We went to Washington Farms in Watkinsville to pick out our Halloween pumpkin. I had no idea the adventure it would be as a single parent of two toddlers. Whew! I didn't get a picture of the pig/duck races (Jonah's favorite part) and shooting the corn cannon but I think I covered pretty much everything else. Oh-and sorry about the snotty noses. Part of it is just genetics (apparently Bear's nose was a constant drip when he was little) and part of it is I didn't have a free hand to wipe every 20 seconds. We came home and crashed before going to GB and Pop's to watch the Georgia game on TV. Next year, we're all going as a family.

Waiting on the hay ride

Here it comes!
(We were a bit perturbed that it wasn't a John Deere.)

Chillin' on the ride up to the farm activities-
don't you just love those little, round heads?!

Why couldn't she have been this still
during her one year portraits?

Does this look a little too high to anyone else?

It wasn't as fast as I thought it would be.

Workin' up the nerve....

Here he comes!

Playing in the corn box

I'm pretty sure she ate most of it.

Making corn angels

I'm still finding corn in shoes, socks, undies, pockets.....

No one's broken the news to her about the raised driving age yet.

On the jumping pillow

I love this shot. :)

Possibly his favorite to the pig races.

Everyone else's cows had names like Oreo, Jelly Bean, and
Milky Way. Jeffrey? Really?

Much happier once Sister decided she didn't want to ride.

Get along little doggie...or something like that.

Our pumpkin was a whoppin' 18-pounder!
What a great day! (I'm feel the urge to nap just reliving it!)

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