Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dr. Keeling, Logophile

I have a weird and uncanny talent with words. The daily routine with infants and toddlers can get rather monotonous without some type of distraction. I offer what I can with my odd monologues that relate to whatever we're doing at the time. This goes way back to my teaching days. I've acquired many an eye-roll from kindergartners putting up their bookbags to my annoying inspiring tune of the day. Other word lovers have made millions off of their obsession with vocabulary.

Take Dr. Seuss for example. I can rhyme. Just this past week, I made one up in the shower.

Jonah Beanie
Squash, Banana, & Zucchini
Had a happy Halloweenie
On occasions is a meanie
But those times are oh-so-teenie
Treats his sister like a queenie
He's the best kid on the scenie
That's our big boy, Jonah Beanie!

Jean Feldman, known as Dr. Jean to teachers world-wide, makes her moolah off of writing songs to familiar tunes. Got that covered. In the hospital when I had Esther Grace, I couldn't believe that a kindergarten teacher was naming her child something with 11 letters! (Do you know that Pottery Barn limits their monogramming to just 10?) So, I had to quickly remedy the situation.

(To the tune of "Mickey Mouse Club")
To spell your name is so much fun!
It's easy as can be-
E-S-T   H-E-R
Esther Graaaaaace, Esther Graaaaaace
We're so glad you're part of our family! (Yay! Yay! Yay!)
There's a girl who can't be beat
so spell along with me, oh-
E-S-T   H-E-R

And not to leave Jonah out.....

(To the tune of "B-I-N-G-O")
There's a boy that once you know
You'll never be the same.
J  O  N-A-H
J  O  N-A-H
J  O  N-A-H
And Jonah is his name.

Honestly, this takes me all of about 2 seconds to come up with and is quite a normal occurrence in the Keeling household. (Much to my husband's chagrin.) So. Where's my million, huh? I think I've earned my doctorate in child-rearing alongside all the greats. Of course, their's probably didn't come smeared in dried oatmeal and Desitin.

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becky@cup.of.joe said...

Oh my goodness, Kristen. I am rolling!! And singing along to your little tunes!! A true talent, I WOULD SAY!! I could NEVER come up with any of this off of the top of my head! Hmmm...wonder what God would have you do with this? Let's call ZonderKids or Big Idea. I am very serious. :)

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