Friday, November 19, 2010

"Sue Nanna"

I knew this day would come. I just thought it would be a bit later in life. Say, after 13?

All month long Jonah has been coming home from preschool with his bookbag full of Thanksgiving crafts. There's been the paper plate turkey, the handprint turkey, the placemat made from woven strips of construction paper, indians, pilgrims, corn, and yesterday came this.

It's a wreath full of everything that he's thankful for. Of course, I immediately looked for Mommy on there. ;) I made the list. But so did another special girl. And I'm not talkin' about his sister. Check out the lone brown leaf.

"Sue Nanna". That's right. My child's first crush. "Sue Nanna" went to Homecoming with my brother, Tyler, his freshman year and apparently made quite an impression.
Can you blame him?  Not only is she stunning, but she knows how to have a good time.
She's also athletic....

...and not afraid to get a little dirt on her face, even if it is sparkly with a little glitter.

Tyler saw Jonah's wreath and said,
          "HEY! Where's my name? How come Sue Anna's on there but I'm not?!"
          "She comes and picks me up eeeeeeevery Sunday," Jonah answered.
          "But I come and pick you up from your class too sometimes. What about me?!" Jonah proceeded to put his hand up to his mouth, leaned over, and whispered,
          "You're cool. But you're not as pretty as Sue Nanna."

Well said, son, well said. You see, "Sue Nanna" is also in my small group at church. While she could very well be a model for her beauty on the outside, she models the best kind of pretty on the inside. She loves Jesus. I guess even though my three-year-old's first crush is on a girl more than a decade his senior, at least she's a good one who loves the Lord. And that is something I can be very thankful for.

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Angela said...

Love it, but feeling that you are cheating on me since he isn't in school at Bright Beginnings!!!

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