Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh No, She Didn't!

Imagine the above being said with my head shaking from side to side, hand on hip, snapping across my body. I'm channeling Ghana right now. Apparently, our prayers are working because Stephanie has fully immersed herself into the culture. Please read Exhibit A.....

Now that you've collected yourself, you can also read about her visit to the orphanage and preaching at Faith Gospel Church.

The scary part.....this makes me want to go next year SO badly!

[Monday, March 14]

What they will be doing:

Visiting the Cape Coast Slave Castle

How you can pray:

Pray that they will reflect on the fact that they too were once slaves to sin, but because of the glorious work of God we are now slaves to righteousness. Pray for opportunities for us to share stories of our freedom with others. (Romans 6:6-23)

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