Monday, December 20, 2010

Jonah's Own Little World

Jonah: "Hey- is it okay if I go play with some of my friends for a 'bittle bit'?"

Mommy: "Well, where are you going?" (Knowing full well he's not going anywhere today, seeing as he's dressed in his footie pajamas with a gun holster around his waist and holding a wooden sword and all.)

Jonah: " Nerf County."

Mommy: "Really? Well, where is that exactly in case I have to find you later?" (At this point, I'm thinking he's going to say his room or something.)

Jonah: " take a 'wite' and go down that road, you know right past all that speed stuff? And then after another 'wite' it's just right there!" (Complete with hand motions directing me to this place.)

Mommy: "Oooookay. But just make sure you're not mean."

Jonah: "Oh, I'm not. (Shoulder shrug and quick evaluation of himself) I'm just dressed up as a pirate." (As he charges out of my bedroom.)

What goes on in that little mind of his? We may never know.


His Jules said...

I love your blog!! Expecially Jonahs little Christmas play! Merry Christmas! Love Jules


That sounds like an extremely creative little mind that I once spent a ton of time with ;)

Erin said...

That is too cute! Little kids are so funny.

Erin said...

That is too cute! Little kids are so funny.

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