Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I bet you thought I'd quit, didn't you? Nope! I have no idea what happened to my 7th verse but I did have one. I just never shared. It was for April 1 and no, it wasn't my version of an April Fool's joke. I just looked at my post history and that was during my unintended month long hiatus from blogging. Goodness! Well, here's #7:

"A wise woman strengthens her family but a foolish woman destroys hers by what she does."
Proverbs 14:1 (NCV)

I just posted about verse 8 and it's that time again. Mem-o-ry Verse Num-ber Ni-i-i-i-ine. (Imagine me singing that to the tune "Love Potion Number Nine" with a head bobble and a bit of shoulder action.)

"You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God."
2 Corinthians 9:11 (NIV)

I almost got to live this one out today and it's only May 2. On my way to Snellville today, I passed a green van with a man standing out front holding a white posterboard sign. It read "FAMILY IN NEED OF FOOD AND GAS TO GET HOME" in marker scrawled handwriting. I was on the phone with Bear and asked him if I should turn around and help them. Normally I wouldn't put myself or my kids in jeopardy if we're alone without Bear but this van had a woman and two kids in the back. What was the harm? He said it was my call. By the time we finished our conversation, I was right in front of my intended destination so I pulled in and ran my errand thinking that I'd get some gas for them on my way back. I had no cash but there was a QuickTrip almost directly across the street from the stranded van. I could tell them I was getting them gas and see if they had enough to pull into the gas station with me so I could fill up their car.

When we all piled back in the car, Jonah asked me if we were going to stop and help that family. I told him that's exactly what we would do. As I got within seeing distance of the vehicle, I noticed that the police had stopped. I was a bit relieved thinking that God had provided me with a little reassurance that I was doing the right thing. As I merged into the turning lane, I noticed four BIG guys in handcuffs sitting along the curb. What? The policemen were wearing latex gloves and searching the green van that I could've sworn had just been carrying a family of four minutes earlier. One of the men had a ponytail and it was high on his head. I had mistaken him for a woman when I drove by earlier and the other two heads in the back I had just automatically credited to being the two children of the needy family.

Isn't that crazy how I was so deceived?! And I was so excited about living out my generosity so that a needy family could praise God and give Him thanksgiving. I even had gotten my little SSMT spiral out so that I could share with them why I had stopped. Bummer. I guess I could've stopped and shared anyway but from the look on the police officers' faces, it wouldn't have been a good time. Jonah was bummed too. His little innocent world had been shattered. He kept asking me why the police thought the family were bad guys and didn't understand that it wasn't a family at all. He was so excited to get to help someone and practice what we talk about. Did I mention that the police had several wooden clubs and trash bags full of who knows what out of the van and laid them out on the pavement?

I'm still on the lookout! I've got to be ready on every occasion. I'd just prefer no blunt objects or trash bags to hide the bodies please.


Katy said...

Were they parked at what used to be the big Remax building on 78?? If so, I need to tell Andrew. He passed a van parked there maybe a month ago and felt bad that he didn't stop.

Kristen Keeling said...

No, they were parked in that side street on 78 that doesn't really go anywhere. It's on the left side as you drive towards Loganville. I think it used to connect Grayson Hwy and 78 when we were in high school but then they built another one about 100 yards over.

Katy said...

Oh yeah, I know the one. They finally blocked it with guardrails. I wonder if it could still be the same people.

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