Monday, May 2, 2011

Jonism: A Blogging Revival?

Over the past week, Jonah's added to his strange individualistic vocabulary. Hopefully, he'll keep me in abundant supply of blogging material since I've been rather at a loss lately. (Well, it's not really material per se as it has been time.)

He has a small blemish on his right cheek. I tried to inspect it one night during bath time because it looked like a bug bite to me. He greatly protested and said, "Mommy! Leave my flickle alone!"

That's right. A flickle. Not a pimple. Not a freckle. But a flickle.

His tastes have also graduated now that he's four. I guess you grown-up taste buds accompany grown-up acne. He doesn't like just plain, old vanilla ice-cream anymore. Now, he prefers it covered in hot swudge swauce. (Always said with a swirly flourish of his hand as if he's swooping a Dairy Queen cone with the perfect swirly finish, much to his father's chagrin.)

Must get that from his Mama. His sister shares the same inherited trait.

I picked him up from preschool the other day and he informed me that one of the boys in his class was absent that day.
     "Hmmm, do you think he was sick?" I inquired.
     "Oh Mommy, yes! He has pig eye!"
     "Pig eye?"
     "Yes. It's when your eyes get pink like a pig's and they're really itchy."

I'm not so sure my hopes and dreams for medical school will play out.

I saved the best for last. Just when you think my child is destined for a minimum wage job that requires absolutley no verbal skills whatsoever, he goes and says....

At BSF the other day, Jonah's class was talking about how Jesus is called many different things in Scripture. He's known as Messiah, Christ, Savior, God's Son, etc. Jonah's hand shot up. (When his teacher was telling me this story, my brain immediately thought, "There is noooooo tellin'..." at this exact moment.)
     "Yes, Jonah?" the teacher asked.
     "Jesus has LOTS of nicknames."

If not an MD, than maybe a teacher of the Word?

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