Friday, May 13, 2011

A Significant Summer

This past Wednesday, we wrapped up our BSF study of Isaiah with Sharing Day. Oh, what a wrap up it was! So many women testified to what God had done in their lives through this study and I soaked it all in. We sang "To God Be The Glory" and it's true...great things He hath done.

The last chapter in Isaiah describes what Isaiah's been describing all year: a future of promise or peril, judgement or hope, reconciliation or retribution. For those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, their future is one of productivity and fruitfulness. For those who reject Him as Lord, eternity is dismal. In our last lecture of the year, we were challenged to not allow our lives to end as abruptly as the book of Isaiah does but rather to persist in our growth with Christ. My mind drifted to this summer and how I desire a time of productivity and fruitfulness for my family.

Yes, many pool days.
Yes, many naps.
But also purpose.

Becky, who writes one of my FAVORITE blogs that I follow, is doing just this with her summer. I've never met her in person but we are sisters in Him. :) I struggle with organization and the Lord knew exactly what kind of structure I needed when he led her to write her most recent posts. I've now got three topics to help organize my intentions. Here are my personal goals for a significant summer:

Spiritual Goals:

1. Have a family theme night twice a month. (Sort of like a mini-VBS. I found some great ideas to get me started here. Maybe I'll venture out and plan my own by August.)

2. Start each day with morning worship and a devotional as an entire family. (I've got some ideas on how to include everyone since Bear's day sometimes starts at 5:00 a.m.)

3. Help serve lunches to needy children in our community through our church's outreach program, Fish4Kids, once a week.

Physical Goals

1. Run twice a week. (I'm not sure exactly how far, how long, or even where...but running none the less.)

2. Complete at least one segment of my kickboxing video twice a week. (Probably not the same days as the running....)

3. Clean out the closets in our house. (We have GOT to get some organization down somewhere!)

Relational Goals:

1. Have a date night with Bear twice a month. (This may sound very limited but it's better than what we've been doing! I've also got a scheme going to try and get free babysitting.)

2. Call my sister at least every other day. (Crazy as it sounds, before the twins sometimes we went weeks/months without talking! I have LOVED spending time with her while she stays at our parents' house. She went back home yesterday and I already miss her. I figured every day may overwhelm her and I don't want to spoil my chances of her moving out here so I'm going to try to restrain myself.)

3. Blog at least twice a week. (I've missed y'all too!)

Who's with me? Anyone else want a fruitful and productive summer? Tell me what you're planning!


becky@cup.of.joe said...

Kristen!! You go girl!! What amazing GOALS!!

I pray, Lord Jesus, that you would bless, annoint and equip Kristen this summer! Give her favor as she follows through. Thank you, Lord, that you deposit power, love and self-disicpline within us!! 2 Tim 1:7!

Praying for you. (And yes, we are sisters. Love it!)

Jud and Mandy said...

Kristen! You are so inspiring! I need to hang out with you! =)
I'm a great goal-setter, but actually following through with them, not so much! I truly admire you and what you seem to do with your children and where it seems your walk is with the Lord.
Still thinking/praying for your sister and her husband- and all of you!
By the way, what is SSMT??? Is that a Bible Study you do?

Jud and Mandy said...

This is Mandy (Woelfl) Kelly- by the way =) Figured you had no idea who Jud and Mandy are!!! Ha

Kristen Keeling said...

Mandy- You crack me up! I figured it out. SSMT is "Siesta Scripture Memory Team". Beth Moore explains it on her blog here:

I wanted to memorize more Scripture this year and figured this would be a good incentive. I'm the same way about making goals and not following through so I hope that blogging about them will help motivate me to the finish.

Cora is BEAUTIFUL, by the way! :)

Jud and Mandy said...

Thank you! You are too sweet! I can't believe how fast they grow! Your little ones are so precious and so big!!
I will look at her website! I'm currently leading a study and the girls and I have wanted to memorize more scripture- and have been a bit reluctant to do so! Thanks!!

{amy} said...

I stopped by from Becky's blog! Your goals sound great! I hope you're able to have a Significant Summer!

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