Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Jonism: a comment, thought process, theory, or simply an observation based upon life as perceived by our three-year-old, Jonah

Today, as we were going through the McDonald's drive-"way"....

"Mommy, I sure hope they are in a good mood today because if they are than perhaps they will give me a boy toy. (As opposed to the girl toy, barrettes, that Burger King gave him by mistake a few weeks ago.) I would like to order chicken nuggets and a hamburger, apple slices, and some bubbles (any carbonated beverage). The brown kind (Coke)."
He just got the nuggets. I don't understand the fascination with combo platters lately.

Later at the library, while waiting for it to open (1:00 on Wednesdays)......

"Mommy, how long 'til it's open?"
"27 minutes, dear. Hmmmmm, I know someone's birthday has a 27. (His is March 27.) And I know someone who's memorizing his Bible verse with a 27 in it. (John 10:27-he totally can do it.) Do you know who that might be?"
"Me. But Mommy, I can't say my Bible verse here because someone will hear me."
"Honey, that's good if they hear you talk about Jesus. Everyone needs to know about Him."
"No, Mommy. I can't because then eeeeeeeeeveryone will see how cute I am and say, 'Oh, that's Jonah! I want to take him home with me!' So I can't."

There you go. I think maybe we'll be working on humility as our next character trait.

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