Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting Started

The most annoying thing about being a Keeling is Christmas, hands down. Let me explain. You see, every single blood member of the Keeling family has at least one talent. When I say "talent", I'm talking a skill that any normal-type person would kill to have, usually on some sort of professional level, that exceeds all human imagination with absolutely no exertion of effort whatsoever. For Christmas, each member creates a hand-made gift for a person assigned to them the previous year. Every December I am witness to some of the most amazing craftsmanship as person after person presents his or her creation. There have been quilts, needlepoints depicting family members (like a photograph-I'm NOT exagerating), tables, chairs, guitars (yes, handmade and working), paintings that are worthy of Sotheby's,and one year there was even a whole room! It's humbling to say the least. What is probably the most annoying part of all is when questioned about their handiwork, every member will usually say, "Oh, I was going to really start earlier but life was so busy...I got the idea 3 days ago and just finished this morning at 2 a.m. Careful, the stain's probably still wet." What?! In all my life I could never begin to do what these people do and yet, here I am...a Keeling.

When I joined the family, I desperately wanted to participate but could never figure out what in the world I could do. Nothing that I could scrounge together would be fit to present to the family pet, let alone someone that I loved and respected. Yes, I know the whole point is "It's the thought that counts" but who really wants to be stuck with a home-grown Chia pet or their very own personalized sock puppet? I think not. After taking inventory of my God-given abilities, there is one that surpasses even some of the most-talented Keelings. I have been given the gift of gab. It's undeniable. Strangers have even commented on my prowess in the communication field.

So, here's where the blog begins. Since we rarely see family outside of holidays and special occasions, I figured this would be a great way for everyone to see our kids and learn more about us. It's a very raw work in progress since we don't have Internet at our house. (Yes, we are from the tribe that still communicates by smoke signal.) I'm figuring out all kinds of things on the world-wide web so things may change often around here. That and I may accidentally delete the entire thing occasionally....just to keep things lively. :)

On a more serious note, ever since I became a mother God has used my children to teach me some pretty profound stuff. (Like did anyone else know paper is edible? Who knew crawling tots love it's irresistable taste and texture?! I think it's in the grain category...) I titled the blog "Acorns to Oaks" after Isaiah 61:3. My prayer for both of my children is for them to grow strong in the Lord, mighty as oaks, rooted deep in Christ's love for them. But for now, they're my little acorns entrusted to me to water and fertilize. I'll share silly stories and some serious insights along the way. And if anyone else finds this interesting, maybe they could show me how to macrame next year's gift......

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