Sunday, February 20, 2011


Bear and I went out to eat Thursday night before his trip to India. It was such a treat for us to go out without children! My mom watched the kids and we went to Madison's Icehouse...which is under new management, by the way, and not as great as we remembered. It may have been our last visit. Anyways, when we walked up to the front door we saw this:

Seriously?? I mean, what does one do with a stolen cat? And why are there needed cats at a restaurant in the first place? Do they have that bad of a rodent problem or are they just being proactive? Weird.

He also saw this on his way home from work earlier that same day.

You know the poor girl stuck driving this thought she was getting a cool, cute company car. Little did she know....

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jodi said...

I've had a gift certificate to the Ice House for the longest time. Sounds like I should have used long before now.

BTW... I'll be praying for your hubby while he's gone. And also for you. My husband travels with his work so I know what it's like to be left with 2 little ones. :)

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