Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love as a Verb

This month is Love Month and I've been trying to teach my kids the importance of loving others. Is there any perfect opportunity than Valentine's Day? We wanted to make Valentine's Day special for an important someone who we love very dearly, so we packed up our car and headed for Madison, Ga. Once we pulled into the parking lot of Morgan Memorial Hospital, we unloaded and prepared to deliver a very special package.... a very special Ms. Eugenia!

I wrote about Ms. Eugenia here and how dear she is to our little family. I'm pleased to say that the Lord is overseeing her recovery and she is doing fantastic! We visited for a good half hour before Esther Grace's temperment was less than tolerable. It was so good to see Ms. Eugenia and to see her bouncing Esther Grace on her lap. Yes. The woman has a broken hip and she was playing "Ride that Horsie" with my squirming, 25 lb. sixteen-month-old. I was scared to death that she was going to break her other hip but she just smiled and said, "They've got me lifting much more in my therapy sessions and she's a whole lot cuter to lift." Do you not see why I adore this woman? She can look at my snotty, fussy, offspring and think "cute".

How are you showing love to those around you this month? I'd like to get some good ideas for later on! :)


Amy said...

believe me, you don't want my ideas - ha!
my ways of showing love these past few days have been changing crib sheets multiple times, giving 5 baths a day, and cleaning poop out of carseats....ugh.
that is love in action, my friend! glad to see ms. eugenia is doing well!!

Angela said...


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