Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trader Jo

Saturday, September 4 was a big day. It was the first gameday for Georgia Football, resulting in an avalanche victory for the Dawgs. It was the first Saturday in September and the fall weather was SO refreshing. Hutson Mason, UGA's backup quarterback fresh out of highschool, threw his first ever pass of his collegiate career for a touchdown. And Jonah spent his first night without a passie.

We were in the car on the way home from Grammy and Papa's tailgate and Jonah started talking about a cap gun. He's been hung up on a cap gun for about a month now after seeing one at a friend's house during our small group night. Bear said that he thought 3 was a little young for a cap gun. Maybe when Jonah turned 5. I casually threw out, "Yeah, and I know boys with passies don't play with cap guns."

That's all it took. He was ready to throw his passie away right then and there. Bear and I exchanged shocked stares, not sure if this was for real or not. I had just been to the dentist where he had explained to me that the passie had to be gone by age 4 or there would be permanent oral damage. I had shoved it into the back of my mind because I didn't even want to go there. Kindof like potty training. But everyone kept telling me that when he was ready, he'd let us know and it would be so easy. Well, the day was here.

We went to Wal-Mart where he picked out an entire cap gun set (I think that was a little overboard) and promptly offered up his passie to the cashier as payment. She handed him his receipt and it was all over. Done. Gone forever, as he would say. Now we have a cap gun rifle, a cap gun pistol, a holster, a bandanna, and 2400 caps. Yay.

Yes, I filmed the whole thing like a crazy person. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure but I'm sure there are more interesting things you could clean out your pantry. Plus, I'm trying to use some new video editing software but it was taking too long to figure out so it's just however it ended up once my patience was gone. A bit of a warning...the templates are pretty g-a-y so until we get new software, we're stuck with this.

And yes, Kami, I got the passie back from the cashier and am planning on bronzing it to put on our bookshelf. :) As for Jonah, he's doing great. In fact, he asked me right after we left Wal-Mart what did I think he could get for Lovie. I'd say, he's fine.

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Amy said...

cute! i love how he's sucking every last bit of life out of it (no pun intended) while he's picking out the gun.
i dread that day, but it is all too quickly approaching! :(

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