Sunday, September 26, 2010


[I had some complaints about the size of the picture and people being unable to read the quotations so I added them below. I also took the liberty of expanding on my previous post. Here's the new and improved version.]

I discovered this picture in an ad of a LifeWay magazine and immediately thought it completely embodied Bear and I. Here is where I disclose that I have already picked out our grandparent names. (I know, weird.)

Bear's real name, which I can NOT post because the youth are dying to figure it out, has two W's in it; therefore, I've declared that he can be known as "Dubs" to our offspring's future offspring. (Mainly because his dad refused to embrace the title once he became a granddad. For some reason, both men find me odd to even have come up with this but Bear's the one married to me and has no choice in the matter. Just between us, I'm pretty sure "Dubs" emanates from my fascination with/stalking of a certain *ahem* someone.)

I've claimed "Nonny" as my own title, since that's what Jonah actually has called me his whole life. The misnomer has just now been beginning to morph in "Mommy" as he approaches the ripe old age of three and a half. I just hope that the actual mother of my future grandbabies approves. I'll add it to my prayer list for Jonah's future wife, along with "a sincere compassion for deranged mother-in-laws".

So, here's a look at Nonny & Dubs.....

Nonny: "After all these years, he still can't keep his hands off me."
Dubs: "If I let go, she shops."


Amy said...

hilarious! love the new look of the blog :)
and the pics on your side bar of the fam are precious! i can't tell which ones are EG and which ones are Jonah in some of them :)

becky@cup.of.joe said...

Kristen! I love your new look! Hey, THANK YOU for your prayers. I am so thankful for you. I will continue to pray for you. No request is small or silly.
P.S. You CAN memorize the Scripture! I bet you're doing great!

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