Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Not only was the past week the first ever youth camp for Jonah, Esther Grace, and Bear (yes-Bear), but it also culminated several weeks of firsts for our family.

Jonah took his first trip to Lake Oconee with Pop (my dad), Tyler, and Daddy.

(This was not his best performance but it is the best one caught on tape. He went all the way around the cove. Trust me, he's good.)

Esther Grace took her first steps and hasn't slowed down since.

(Please ignore the dusty footprints by the garage door. They're from one of Bear's "projects" and I noticed them after taping.)

With all this excitement, I'm wondering what my "first" will be. Maybe something is in store for me in Mexico next week at Katie's wedding. I just hope it's not my first tattoo.

1 comment:

Amy said...

WHAT?!?! Is that supposed to be a joke? Are you getting a tattoo??? Way to go Jonah and EG!!! They are precious! :)

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