Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Significant Summer: An Update- Relational Goals

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking.

"Wasn't one of her relational goals to post here at least three times a week?"


"Wasn't her last post dated June 5?"


"Isn't this June 22?"


But I've really been having a significant summer! I've got all the details written and saved so you can read about them as they post this week. I decided to start with my area that needs the most improvement.

Relational goals.

I am not a phone person. I've tried and tried to be but I'm just not. Some of my friends know this about me and gladly accept it as part of my flawed, quirky self and love me anyways. But when it comes to new people, they occasionally get their feelings hurt if I don't call and check up on them from time to time.

My husband? Great phone person. I used to think that girls were the phone hoarders but he does an exceptional job holding members of our small group accountable, catching up with friends we have living all over the country, etc. Of course, he's in a truck all day long driving around Metro-Atlanta and has banned radio from his truck so he needs something to do.

I'm relieved that he's started calling people because he used to use that time to memorize Scripture. He would have about 10-20 index cards filled with verses all across his speedometer, dash, and lower windshield. At one point, he was memorizing John.

Yes, John.

The book.

I can just picture that conversation with the police officer now. "Um, yes. Officer? The reason I plowed into the back of ___________ was because...well, you see....I'm memorizing the eigth chapter of John. If you could just hold this Bible for me and double-check, I'll show you how far I've gotten." Yeah....

Anyways- I digress. So blogging for me has been better than the phone. I just don't want it to get like my phone habits because there's something so special about our little world here, you know? The encouragement and connectivity I get from living out your lives via pictures and stories is priceless. Knowing that I'm not the only mom who doesn't have it all together keeps me going. Knowing that there are other women out there who love Christ with everything they have yet struggle with worldly desires inspires me to battle on. Even though I may not be writing, I sure am reading. Whether it be a quick scan of pictures or reading on my phone while filling up with gas, I'm there. So I hope y'all don't quit posting! :)

On to my next two goals:

1. Calling my sister every other day.

This has lengthened to a few times a week but I'm very proud of myself on this one. (See above.) I try not to call her earlier than 9:00 and be her daily alarm. I also try not to dominate every conversation with my hair. (For those of you who don't know, Katie is a crazy-gifted hair stylist and cuts my hair. She also is crazy-gifted with make-up, coloring hair, and all things trendy. And she's stuck with me: a 30-year-old "Old Soul", as she's labled me, who has an education background and struggles with the love of appliqued sweaters and wooden teacher jewelry. Just imagine the dynamics there.)

2. Date night with Bear twice a month.

Hmmmmmm....yeah. Um, does the Free Friday Concerts in Downtown Monroe count? With kids? And Katie and Cobb? And our neighbors? And their kids? And the entire rest of the town? Then, yes! We've had one.

Actually, I had a free babysitting scheme planned with our neighbors. They watch our kids one Thursday and we'll take theirs the next. Sounds great, right? Apparently, us and the Hodges have extremely demanding social calendars. We just can't get our Thursday nights....or any nights for that matter....together! Hopefully, this week is it. Oh, wait. That's tomorrow. Well, maybe. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Becky, who started this whole Significant Summer for me, asked for updates a while back on her blog. Here are her posts. What are y'all doing for your Significant Summer?


becky@cup.of.joe said...

Kristen!! This looks great! I am just getting caught up on your posting! I love this little cartoon! I may have to copy sometime! ;) xoxoxo

jodi said...

LOL! Love your cartoon at the top. I can SO relate! My last post? May 4th, I think. But I too am having a Significant Summer. Not just being lazy and not posting. :)

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